More than just a job…

Our quality of work expresses much of who we are and what Spirit Builders believes about Self-respect, Self-control and Self-determination. Self-employment is part of the process of learning to produce excellence in our selves and in our work. Our business and management mentor-ship is a 3 stage process;

 1st stage; 3 year Internship

(housing renovation and construction)

development of best practices in basic construction work skills – task targeted professional training – peer to peer support – work safe training.

2nd stage; 2 year Membership

(leadership development and peer mentoring)

investment shares in company – selection and mentoring of new interns – management training – consultation and input on future housing and business ventures.

3rd stage; ongoing Ownership

(business management, dividends and financial investment opportunities)

equity shares in business – annual financial dividends – voting, input and final decisions on all business decisions.