Home Ownership

BUILDING OUR OWN HOMEMore than just a room…

The central focus of Home Ownership in Spirit Builders is the sense of stability, place, common purpose and mutual support. Having a “Home” means Security of place and Belonging and “Ownership” is part of self-respect and self-determination, which is why having a room and having a Home are not the same thing…

1st stage; 3 year Internship

(community living and shared responsibility)

professional training – peer to peer support and accountability – develop ground rules of group and consensus decision making

2nd stage; 2 year Membership

(individual equity and corporate responsibility)

financial remuneration and invitation to investment Рselection and mentoring of new interns Рdevelopment and implementation of new programs Рconsultation and input on future decisions on housing and property developments

3rd stage; ongoing Ownership

(Long-term ownership, dividends and financial investment opportunities)

equity shares in property – annual financial dividends – input and final decisions on all community decisions